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PowerGramo Skype Recorder is an automatic tool to Record Skype Calls. It also adds to Skype features like Music Sharing, Skype Answer Machine and Chat Message Reader, that a general Skype Recorder does not.


SINCE 2004
Skype Video Recorder Software
skype recorder compatible with xp, vista, win7

Record all skype calls Record both Video and Audio Skype Calls.
Good recording quality Perfect recording quality. Listen to a sample Sample of Skype Recording Sample of Skype Recording
Free to record Skype calls Totally FREE for recording Skype to Skype calls.
Automatic skype recorder Start & complete recording fully automatically.
Record Skype Chat Message Record Skype Chat Messages along with voice.  
Take note while recording Skype Take memoire while recording a call.
Skype Answer Machine Very flexible Skype Answer Machine.
Automatic messages Personalized audio/text messages at call begin.
Play Music over Skypeding Share Music with callers during calls. 
Skype Chat Message Reader Skype Chat Message Reader (text to speech).  
Useful audio tools Embedded useful tools help to process audio. Audio convertor
Business Skype Recording Upload records to Record Center Server. 

Unique Skype Recorder Software          Video Demo

Our unique technology enables the Skype Recorder seamlessly integrate into Skype. You can record calls without leaving Skype window. And the program grabs audio and video data directly from within Skype, as to produce the best recording quality.

The Skype Recorder encrypts calls together with memoire and chat messages. Optional password further guarantees safety of call records.

The Skype Answer Machine automatically picks up calls and send audio or text messages at beginning of Skype calls. Automatic messages can also work for manually answered calls or outgoing calls.

Moreover, the Skype Recorder enables users to Share Music during Skype calls. That is quite useful to stream audio data to callers or just play music adding life to call conversations.

In one word, PowerGramo Skype Recorder makes it an easy task to record Skype. It's the perfect tool for daily Skype recording, podcasting, online journalism, and much more!

User testimonials
"The Skype Recorder software works so beautifully! So easy and elegant to use, with a very simple interface.
Well done!"
                     --- Chris Betcher

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